After the a double tenth, after the arrival of the goods of all kinds of shopping and home appliances, especially in the winter using high frequency electric appliance, water heater, the security problems in installation and use is particularly noteworthy. Where do things go wrong most often? Who will install it? How to use will not appear safety accident?
In recent years, electric water heater wounding accident happens from time to time, the complaint that causes also is not in a few, but in the product after the event detects accident investigation often discovers, quality of product of electric water heater that hurts a person for the most part does not have a problem. Casualties happen again and again, so what's the problem?
Luomenhasi joint national standards committee, electrical home appliances research institute, China association of home appliance of related survey showed that a significant percentage of household environment pose a safety hazard, unsafe environment and existing problems of electricity are mainly: no earth or grounding is not reliable, cable line aging, power socket contact undesirable, zero line wire connection is not correct... And so on.
Relevant statistical data shows, in electric water heater wounding accident, environmental leakage reason accounts for 70%, among them the case that because ground wire is missing and bring about water heater electrification to cause an accident is not little. Some consumers say that if the ground wire is not connected, then the socket of the water heater is pulled out when taking a bath. There is no power supply to prevent leakage accidents. Shopping guides said that even if the plug is pulled, but if a building there are other people's leakage will also be implicated. Electric water heaters are also connected to water pipes. In some bathroom rooms with poor or no grounding, the ground wire may even come into contact with the water pipe, allowing the water pipe to act as a grounding for the building. In this case, as long as a household water heater leakage occurs, the entire building's water pipes will be charged.
summary: cording to the national regulations, electric water heater family line must have ground wire, and the ground wire must not be disconnected. The ground wire should be connected separately. Leakage protection switch only plays a role in the fire line and the zero line, if the fire line or the zero line short circuit, leakage protection switch will instantly disconnect. Because the ground wire does not pass through the leakage protection switch, so if the ground wire is live or no ground, that is, the environment is charged, then the leakage protection switch is not effective. So the home circuit must be grounded, the water heater must be connected separately.