cause the design when decorating the circuit, waterway needs to reserve a space for electric water heater, the direction of the size of electric water heater, installation position, pipeline had better be determined ahead of schedule. The reporter is in household market and electric appliance market visit discovery, the performance of electric water heater of different category, different specification also differs somewhat, at present, safe, environmental protection, energy saving, convenient is the main factor that consumer chooses water heater. The expert inside course of study reminds, water heater of choose and buy cannot see a brand only, still answer according to population of bedroom area, family and actual life need and decide.
class 1 storage electric water heaters
Different according to current means, electric water heater is divided into Z storage water type and namely heat type (fast type) two kinds of types.
Water storage electric water heater: it is an electric water heater that takes a bath with mixed water valve and cold water after the water storage tank is filled with water and the preheating water temperature reaches the set temperature. household
General water storage type electric water heater needs very long preheating time, when room temperature is under 10℃, 80 liters of 2000W water storage type electric water heater needs preheating 2 hours or so. In the case of 24 hours heat preservation, heat preservation function is when the water temperature drops 5℃, the water heater automatically start heating, the water temperature will be reheated to the set temperature.
Electric water heater of type of storage water at night: namely at 12 o 'clock in the night to begin regular heating until the wee hours, suitable for summer use. In other seasons, if the heat preservation is not set during the day, the water temperature will be lower at night. decorate
Advantages: strong safety performance; The general subscriber line can be loaded, the limitation is small.
Disadvantages: Bulk; Easy to form scale, cleaning trouble; Power consumption, a large amount of heat dissipation in the process of preheating and insulation; Water is limited and the temperature of the bath is getting colderand colder. Decorate a BBS
Hint: best for single or family of two people. Additional, water storage type electric water heater chooses the key is inner liner, water heater of large capacity had better use toughened enamel inner liner or high glazed steel inner liner.
Class 2 Instant Heaters
Namely heat type electric water heater: it is to use electric heat tube, electric heat rod, glass tube or plastic tube to heat, open namely heat, need not preheat and heat preservation. Look from safety respect, namely hot type electric water heater uses the basic measure such as technology of isolation of body of heating of non metal, water and electricity, leakage protection device, ground protection, use safe coefficient is taller. And in the volume due to the part of the water tank, the appearance can be designed small and delicate, more suitable for use in a small space. NAMELY THE RATED POWER OF HOT TYPE ELECTRIC WATER HEATER IS TALLER, NEED 5000 TILE ABOVE COMMONLY.
Single tube water heater: heating the whole bile water at any time, waste time, waste electricity.
Double tube water heater: is the current mainstream of the market, with two heating tubes, only two heating modes, namely fast heat half bile, fast heat the whole bile, fast heat half bile that is to use the upper heating tube, to the water heater of the upper half bile water heating. Rapid heating of the whole bile means that the upper and lower heating tubes work alternately, and the bile power is the same as the rapid heating half bile mode.
Tri-tube water heater: One bladder has three layers, and the three layers are equipped with three heating rods of 1500W, 1000W and 1500W respectively, which can be independently heated by stratified precise control. In the case of a small amount of water, there is no need to heat the whole bile of hot water, can only start the top heating tube, heat 1/4 of the bile water; The temperature can also be controlled by using 1-3 heating tubes according to different seasons. Power saving ability is stronger.
Advantages: safety, small space occupation, power saving.
Disadvantages: heating needs waiting time, can not be ready to get hot water. Decorate a BBS
Hint: wide range of use, suitable for single and multi-population families.