gas water heater after the installation is complete, the first thing to check with soap and water spray on the gas outlet gas each interface to see if there is leakage phenomenon, must after the ventilation to do this), then put the water heater machine (strong), turning on the power supply will again gas meter table before the valve is opened, the subsequent will table behind the use of the valve to open the handle (yellow). After connecting the gas, set the water temperature of the water heater (digital display). In winter, switch the winter-summer switch on the right side of the fuselage to the winter position, and select the summer position in summer. Rear of size of good firepower can be connected to water source, the water heater can work automatically after the total valve that enters the mouth of cold water is opened and hot water bibcock is opened again. After use, the water will be turned off automatically. Attention must be paid to the condensed water outlet at the cold water inlet to discharge the water in the water heater in case of freezing in the northern region in freezing weather.
Natural gas water heater should pay attention to many matters in the use process, otherwise it is easy to cause safety accidents.
When using natural gas water heaters, be sure to open doors, Windows or exhaust fans. Water heaters require a certain amount of air to burn, and if adequate air is not ensured, there is a risk of hypoxia or carbon monoxide poisoning.
In using a process, should operate correctly by use instruction manual, whether is normal combustion in using through checking water heater, must be moved after using flameout state, close gas valve.
In the use of odor or gas spray phenomenon, the water heater and gas pipeline leakage must immediately stop use, close the gas valve, open doors and Windows to prevent danger. Open fire, switch, plug and plug appliances are forbidden indoors, and check and repair in time.
After the application is suspended halfway, the hot water may be very hot when it is turned on from head to head within about 10 minutes. You should be careful to drain the hot water accumulated in the water heater for a few seconds before taking a bath. You'll get scalded.
Had better not use natural gas water heater continuously for long, if many people wash bath, due certain time gap.