water type electric water heater said the number of liters is more intuitive, easy to understand: the volume of the water heater is the number of liters, how many liters of water heater can be installed. But the natural gas water heater on a small host is divided into 6 liters, 7 liters, 8 liters, 10 liters, 11 liters, 12 liters, 16 liters, 24 liters...... 50 l... 16 litres is enough for the home model, which is very different from the 50-litres or more style of the water-storage model. What does this liter mean for a natural gas water heater? How many litres is suitable for domestic natural gas water heater?
Liter of natural gas water heater
Natural gas water heaters do not store water, so the number of litres of this water heater is certainly not comparable to the number of litres of electric water storage water heaters.
If it is explained by a scientific and rigorous formula, the "liter" of the natural gas water heater refers to the hot water flow per minute. The flow is equal to (△T25℃×X flow) ÷Y set temperature, which is of course not very easy to understand. We can simply think of it as the amount of hot water flowing out per minute for the appropriate conditions. So we can roughly assume that a 16-liter natural gas water heater can provide us in 2.5 minutes as much hot water as a 40-liter storage electric water heater would provide in 40 minutes.
How many litres is suitable for domestic natural gas water heater
An 11-litre natural gas water heater is usually sufficient for a home with two bathrooms and a kitchen. But according to various conditions different, or 16 litres is more safe.
First of all, the size of the natural gas water heater is related to the number of people in the family. The more people there are, the greater the chance of using hot water at the same time. At the same time the use of hot water requires the natural gas water heater in a short period of time can provide a large amount of water, heating speed is also fast.
Next, the number of toilet also affects this standard directly. Toilet is much, nature uses water at the same time opportunity is big. If it is a double bath, it is best to use a 14 litre or higher natural gas water heater. If the duplex floor or bathroom is more, to three or four, to choose more than 16 liters, such as 20 liters, 24 liters, 32 liters of water heater, in this large number of liters of water heater forest, energy rate, Bai Le full do better.
Another important parameter is the distance between the water heater and the water location. The greater the distance, the greater the number of liters. Because there is a lot of heat loss in the water transport process, this loss also needs to be made up by faster heating.
If you like a bath, natural gas water heater litres will be increased. Because you may need to put a lot of hot water into the tub in a short time. Of course, if you like to shower, you'll need to be comfortable with a shower head that produces 6-8 liters of water per minute. If there are other people who need water at the same time, the amount of water used will have to add up.
In addition to the above reasons, the season you use the water heater and your hot water temperature requirements also affect the "liter". When a hot shower in the cold northeast needs the same amount of water as a cool shower in the hot Guangdong, they will never need the same amount of gas, and of course they will not need the same number of liters of natural gas water heater.
To sum up, generally a kitchen one Wei non single had better use 11 liters of natural gas water heater above, and a kitchen two guards had better use 14 liters of natural gas water heater above.