water heater correct installation, in addition to the installation steps have requirements, but also on the installation environment, installation accessories materials have more strict requirements, otherwise it may bring certain safety risks.
Water heater is one of essential electrical appliances in the home, it and most hutch defend home appliance same, buy home mostly is a semi-finished product, need to contact manufacturer professional personnel to come installation ability is done. To the friend that uses him to install kitchen electrical appliance, the correct installation of water heater, besides to install step outside having a requirement, still have relatively strict requirement to install environment, install fittings material, can bring certain safe hidden trouble possibly otherwise. Today we will talk about the installation of electric water heaters common sense.
How does autumn winter decorate season to install electric water heater correctly
Install the electric water heater must be used to form a complete set of special hooks and expansion pipe or expansion bolt, installation level, strong, beautiful, must be installed on the main wall, or have a potential safety hazard, if unable to accurately determine whether main wall, to add brace treatment under the water heater, for electric water heater power supply socket should be consistent with the use of safe and independent fixed three pole socket, and can't use activity outlet, must be in advance before electricity filled with tap water.
Installation of electric water heater
1, first hang up, and then install waterway. Water installation, must choose PPR material sanitary water pipe, water pipe connection should be reliable and reliable sealing ring connection, the relief valve should be directly connected to the water heater inlet interface, and then connected to the water pipe;
2, before the installation of waterway must identify the location of the cold and hot water interface corresponding to the water heater, and clean up the dirt in the pipe, and identify the waterway direction and pipeline connected facilities is reasonable, confirm the correct installation;
3, the installation of the water heater below the ground must have an effective drainage pipe.
Installation environment requirements for electric water heaters
1, the electric water heater is installed on the indoor load-bearing wall, the wall must be solid wall, otherwise there are safety risks, if you can not accurately determine whether the load-bearing wall, to add support under the water heater processing;
2. The right side of the horizontal electric water heater should be at least 30 ~ 1250px away from the wall to facilitate maintenance;
3, the electric water heater is not installed in the ceiling ceiling, otherwise inconvenient to the maintenance and maintenance of the electric water heater, affect the drainage of the product, affect the relief pressure when the safety valve heating, there is damage to the ceiling ceiling hidden danger;
4, the installation environment should be relatively dry and ventilated, no other corrosive substances exist, water and sunlight can not be directly in contact with the place;
5, electric water heater below the need to have a reliable effective drainage floor drain, in order to drain water;
6, electric water heater power socket should be in line with the use of safe independent fixed three-pole socket, and can not use the movable socket;
7, the water pressure of the electric water heater is normal, generally not more than 0.7Mpa, if the water pressure is really too high, it must be installed in front of the pressure reducing valve; And the pressure relief valve also needs to install a guide pipe, leading to the floor drain or drainage.
No matter be to the standardization of water heater installation step, still be in select material, the strict change of installation environment and standardization, it is to be able to use water heater safely for consumer, enjoy the comfortable bath that water heater brings to enjoy.