Prominent features, stable shop sale:
Prominent features are both functions of pre-sale services and pre-sale services: hook effective strategies. In the case of fierce competition among similar products, many products have only subtle differences, which are often not easily noticed by consumers. Enterprises through a series of characteristic pre-sales service work, on the one hand, can make their products and competitors' products to distinguish, establish their own products or services of the unique image; On the other hand, it can make consumers realize the special interests that the products of the enterprise bring to consumers and attract more and more consumers. In this way, business opportunities can be created to capture and hold more markets. A common way to highlight features is through advertising. In advertising to do not identical, to show their own characteristics, it is necessary to correctly grasp and show the different characteristics of the product, in-depth understanding and according to the needs of consumers for advertising planning. Public relations is another effective way to highlight features. Enterprises through a series of public relations activities, such as the promotion of business purposes, holding social sponsorship activities, to show a certain aspect of the behavior of the enterprise, shape a particular image of the enterprise, in order to obtain public understanding and praise, to win customers.

企业要在剧烈竞争中,不断开拓新的市场,吸引更多的顾客,就要解除顾客的后顾之优,一般的顾客 在决定购买某一种产品而尚未决定购买某种品牌之前,在很大程度上取决于顾客对某种品牌熟悉的程度。因此顾客在购买决策之前,就要搜集该品牌产品的性能、结构、技术、功能等情报,甚至要求掌握产品的操作使用规则或技巧。企业只有满足了顾客的这些供其决策之用的情报需要,才能使他们从准顾客转化成现实的顾客。