"The bathroom in my new house is too small, so I want to install a small gas water heater, but my parents always say it's not safe." Recently, in the Qingdao Morning Post joint Haier water heater held "big talk winter bath" activities, the public's discussion is more and more heated. In the discussion, a few citizens took a keen interest in the material benefit of gas water heater and compact, but at the same time they have safety concerns however. However the author understands, at present, the safe problem of gas water heater obtains solution already.
gas water heater is affordable
"You want a nice hot bath in winter, but you have to think about the speed of the electricity meter." In "big talk winter bath" in the activity, citizen tube gentleman expresses, the electric water heater in the home can be the electric tiger without any exception, to save electricity he is washed finally. "As you wash it, it goes from hot to lukewarm to cold." Mr. Guan said that he had long wanted to change affordable gas water heater, did not expect this has won a lot of resonance from the public.
In the discussion of the citizen, gas water heater also is an advantage a lot. "Gas water heaters use natural gas for heating and cost much less than electric water heaters." The citizen expresses, not only that, the citizen expresses, still have gas water heater on the market to use switch power supply system, not only circuit board inherits type variable voltage structure, the noise that does not have alternating current to change direct current, and can stand by zero power consumption.
"The water temperature of the gas water heater has also been stable, which is much better than previous electric water heaters." Citizens liu home is installed a haier group of high-end brand for the emperor saga water heater burning gas, he said, gas water heater temperature control water storage type electric water heater is better than many, water storage type electric water heater as the change of using water in temperature also had a significant change, have to manually adjust to achieve the right temperature, but the gas water heater after the set temperature, heat automatically to make the output temperature, constant temperature precision up to + / - 0.3 ℃, the temperature is constant.
security issue resolved
Worthwhile attention is, although many citizens favor gas water heater, but its safety problem is still to be mentioned ceaseless. It is understood that because gas combustion is not sufficient to produce carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, has been a threat to the safety of consumers. Indeed, because use fuel gas water heater and the person casualty accident that causes happens time and again. Data show that there are more than 100 gas accidents every year, of which, 90% of the gas accidents are from harmful gases exceed the standard.
"In fact, gas water heaters are now very safe." Some citizens said that his purchase of the legendary Casati gas water heater, through catalytic oxidation of the combustion of CO oxidation into CO2, so that the emissions of CO in the exhaust gas to less than 30PPM, supranational safety standards more than 20 times, truly achieve no safety risks. And ultra-quiet, almost inaudible, it can operate safely in water as low as 0.02 MPa.