Water heaters are used more and more frequently in hot weather. Natural gas water heater has a place in the water heater market all the time because of large water output, fast heating, continuous hot water supply, long service life.
But when it comes to natural gas water heaters, many people will ask whether natural gas water heaters are safe? In fact, as long as the relevant knowledge of natural gas water heater is understood, the correct installation and use of the safety problem can be guaranteed.
The development of natural gas water heater in our country has experienced four processes: straight discharge, flue type, strong exhaust type and balanced type.
The oxygen that straight row type water heater burns needs and the exhaust gas that discharges after combustion are in indoor, if the bathroom is ventilated not free, cause safety accident extremely easily. The first is hypoxia asphyxia, followed by the threat of gas poisoning brought to the user by the unburned exhaust gas, and the other is the potential risk of explosion in the indoor discharge of the unburned exhaust gas. Straight discharge natural gas water heater because of its safety accidents happen from time to time, has been prohibited by the country to produce and sell forcibly.
Although flue type natural gas water heater will exhaust gas through exhaust pipe discharge outdoor, but indoor oxygen still needs to be consumed when burning, and as a result of preventing incomplete combustion device or the defect on the design of anti-wind device, produce return wind very easily, make combustion incomplete exhaust gas inverted into the room, there is safety hidden danger equally. As a transitional product of natural gas water heaters, it has also been banned in many cities.
Strong exhaust type natural gas water heater because the water heater is equipped with a fan inside, the combustion of carbon monoxide and other waste gas can be forced to discharge outdoor through the smoke exhaust pipe, can avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, but must be installed outside the bathroom. The oxygen that this stage water heater burns needs is taken from indoor, waste gas can be discharged outdoor through pipe, had very big improvement on safety performance.
Balanced type natural gas water heater adopts fully enclosed combustion system, with a balanced flue, to achieve the combustion of oxygen from the outdoor, exhaust gas can also be discharged through the flue outdoor, completely solve the safety, environmental protection and other problems.